LaPrele AKC Norwich Terriers
We have the Norwich firstly because we love them.  They make us laugh.
They live in our home, are whelped in our home and are a big part of our family.

We participate in the AKC Conformation ring with them, and have met many very nice
people,  and made some lasting friendships  We believe in health testing our dogs as they
come of age to test.   We have shown or had with handlers 13 Norwich that earned their
Championships.    We hope to compete in Earth Dog Events as well as Conformation in
years to come.

Pictured are favorite photos of the "little people" taken over the past few years.

We health test and believe strongly in health testing.  Please ask and we can furnish you 
with the results.  We do hips, elbows, patella's and eye's.

LaPrele Norwich Terriers

LaPrele Working Kelpies

 We have been raising Working Australian Kelpies seriously since 1989.

We have used them on the ranch and placed them on ranches all over Wyoming and the US 
where they have been and are used on cattle and sheep every day.  In the early
nineties one even went to work on an emu ranch in Texas.  

They have won at Herding trials both at the national level and locally.  

Our Kelpies are medium sized, suited for many miles behind a 
horse and all day jobs.  They are independent thinkers, and capable of working unassisted.  
They have always gotten the job at hand done with class and style.

In 2013 we lost our last Kelpie to cancer.  And have quit breeding them as we haven't been working
on the ranch as we were previously nearly as much.   And then there came 4-wheelers,
which has changed the way things are done.  Not many horses used these days.  And we always
felt Kelpies with their personalities and horses went together.

LaPrele Kelpies From the Past, we no longer raise Kelpies